never content to just walk away

flying like a crow
with a broken wing
i try to sing
but she’s not here
so i can’t find the words
they disappear

every breath i share with you
is a word you take away
and when i spend a night with you
it turns to day it turns too soon
and i find i have nothing to say
i have no words left to give to you

but if i said your name
one thousand times
would you remember me
would i win a prize
or would you just look right through me
as if i was a shadow that you forgot to brush away

it all works out this way
it all seems so easy
when you stand that far away
and i just lie in the street
get hit hard
by the fist of lust
and i sink i’m lost
just the sense of skin
i’m not that strong
i just try to sing my song

Author: mjfeldmar

Marcel Feldmar was born and raised in Vancouver, BC—(That’s Canada, eh?). He studied creative writing at Capilano College and then ended up spending some time in an institution called The Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics, and now he lives in Los Angeles where his words often get caught in traffic.

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