30 days : day 11

this mortal coil it’ll end in tears

Day Eleven. A breakup album.

So I’m assuming this means an album you listen to after a breakup, not what you would play during a breakup. What would you play during a breakup? Black Flag? The Pixies? New Model Army? Nine Inch Nails? I don’t know – probably would depend on the relationship you were ending. But I’m thinking this is what album would you hit hard after your heart was hit…⁣

⁣⁣So I know that a favorite is Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks, but that’s not where I personally go. There are some fantastic songs found on Heartbreaker by Ryan Adams, or back step a bit and ache along with Whiskeytown’s  Stranger’s Almanac. Or you could go with the Frank Sinatra or Tom Waits, both fine choices, but my aches were usually cured by deeper and darker shadows. Of course, if you were really happy that you finally broke up with someone, that would be an entirely different album. The Cure is a big contender, and I was also looking at Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, David Usher, Gavin Friday, and Soft Cell, but some of these can find their way into other numbers. I’m going with This Mortal Coil for this one.⁣

#30daysofalbums #thismortalcoil #itllendintears⁣

⁣It’ll End In Tears came out in 1984, but it didn’t become part of my life until probably ’87 or so. It didn’t start as a breakup album, being an amazing collection of songs created by members of a handful of bands that were very important to me during that time – in love and life  – Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, plus Howard Devoto … but in the late 80’s I found myself turning to this album after the end of a couple of relationships. ⁣

The songs are beautiful and moving and moody and melodic. It’s sorrowful and romantic and heartbreaking and full of light and shadows. I honestly have never been a Tim Buckley fan, but “Song To The Siren” filtered through this album is a forever favorite.⁣

⁣This album holds the kind of sorrow that makes you feel better about your sorrow. It’s that kind of sadness that lifts you up out of your own sadness. This is an album that holds many stories and joys and sorrows, but it will always end in tears.