30 days : day 24

Day Twenty Four. An album that has to be listened to from start to finish

Remember when people made albums just for this reason? Before the days of singles and individual downloads, bands would get together and map out a long playing offering for the masses. I have so many albums that should be listened to from start to finish, but that being said, I also have albums that didn’t quite make it for me.

Some albums were so good, you didn’t mind getting up, flipping the record, and putting the needle down again. Some albums weren’t good enough to flip, and the B-side never got played. Some made it to side two, and never went back to the first side.

So, yeah – fantastic albums start to finish … I was gonna mention maybe some Talking Heads, the Replacements, Sonic Youth … but someone told me I needed more Deathrock, so Imma gonna go with this classic. From the first track to the last track, this one needs to be played in full…

Released on Frontier Records in 1982, it hit me in 1985 (or around there), and it’s still one of my go to albums.

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