30 days : day 25

Day Twenty Five. An album you consider of some historical significance (and why)

Okay, this is kind of a difficult one – need to maybe dig a little deeper – I’m sure some of the music I listen to has some historical significance, but I’m not quite sure about who or where or when or why. And historical in what sense? Musical history? Political history? Art history? I think the Talking Heads and Devo might have a couple of Art History significant offerings, but Albums that are historical in the way that Martin Luther King’s 1963 speech is historical? Not sure….

First Album on the moon (Not the Cardigans)? First Album to be President? Having trouble with “Historical” here….

So, let’s just go with historical Music … and I was toying with the Bob Dylan messing everyone up with the Electric Guitar, Newport 1965. But I decided to move towards something more my style. I already got the Velvet Underground (day 14), so what about … The Stooges!

Let’s do the 1973 swansong LP produced by David Bowie. The albums prior were good … but this was great, and truly influential. Historical, I’d say. Inspiring and influencing bands from the Sex Pistols to Nirvana to the Ramones.

Punk AF and historical. Raw Power.

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