30 days : day 26

Day Twenty Six. An album for a physically rainy day…

So, I’m not sure what to do with this one. I can listen to so many albums on days that are actually raining… If I can listen to music on a sunny day, I can actually listen to the same music on a rainy day. And I guess this is not about a mentally rainy day or spiritually rainy day, either, so that narrows it down a bit? Should I go obvious, like Rain Dogs or Darklands? I mean, I’m happy when it rains … but maybe I should go for albums that the rainy days make me want to listen to. That could work better.

Sometimes it’s definitely that weather mood, but with a groove. Like Massive Attack or Portishead.

Sometimes it’s rainy day wistful songs that you can listen to while staring sadly out the window … Elliott Smith or Leonard Cohen or Damien Jurado. Maybe some of that early American Music Club.

Sometimes the rain needs a harder edge, like Nine Inch Nails or Placebo.

But sometimes you just need something that has the same weather feel without being overwhelmed with the darkness. Not happy, but not sad. Emotional, but not slow. Grey and shadowed, but alive. Maybe the Cure, Bauhaus, or …

Maybe a little Gavin Friday.

So here’s my (current) pick for an album for an actual rainy day…

Gavin Friday’s first solo album after the Virgin Prunes. I’ve been raining along to this album since 1989.

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