About The Books

About The Books…

The Typewriter Keeps Me Awake At Night


Marcel Feldmar’s poetry deals with various views through different shaped windows. Dealing with themes of light and dark, death and life, love and loss, as well as the occasional lighthearted observations, Marcel references music, alcohol, travel, and literature with a Gothic romanticism and a surreal wink.

The Devil’s Jukebox


A burned out immortal joins forces with a reluctant ghost hunter in order to save the Muses from the machinations of a seductive villainess.
It started twenty years ago in Vancouver, B.C., when Jonathan Satori discovered that he could speak to the dead, and that his best friend Phillip was immortal. Now, in modern day Los Angeles, Jonathan is reunited with his high-school friends and learns a few more things that surprise the hell out of him.

Keys To The Sun


In a city built on legends, the truth is hard to find.

There is a song about a certain house located somewhere in New Orleans. A house that holds a secret that could shift the balance between good and evil. A secret discovered by three teenagers who find themselves on an adventure that takes them though the French Quarter, from magical playgrounds to mysterious cemeteries.

Awkward On The Rocks


Aided by his ex-girlfriend Jessica, and Mori, his self-proclaimed charmer of a best friend, Awkward must create mystical cocktails and fight snake demons, shapeshifters, elementals, and wannabe vampires in order to keep evil from turning the Lost & Found –  his Mystixology bar – into a gateway to hell. Basically; in order to save his city, Awkward Thom might have to sacrifice his soul.

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