30 days : day 22

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Day Twenty Two. The first album you ever owned (or the first you remember owning)

Well, honestly, it’s hard to narrow it down to just one. I wasn’t seriously into music and buying records until I was around 14 or so. From ages of 8 to 13 I was all about the comic books. I mean, I loved music, but my memory of it through those early years is a little blurred. I figure most of my music was “borrowed” from my parents, while some was via my aunts. Learned about Bob Dylan from one and Billy Joel from the other. But through radio times, and school friends, I ended up with a few choices all my own.

I narrowed it down to three, so here we are with three of the earliest albums I remember owning…

ONE: Supertramp Breakfast in America. This one was a lot of fun. Made me laugh.

TWO: Elvis Costello This Year’s Model. I’m actually not sure how I ended up with this, but I absolutely loved it and still do. One of the few albums that I have enjoyed solidly for over 40 years. Scary, no?

THREE: Electric Light Orchestra Out of the Blue. This was an intense one for me. Fun, but also just kind of out there.

Good times, great oldies.

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