30 days : day 7

the jesus and mary chain darklands

Day seven. An album that made you feel like you were really hearing music for the first time

So this seems on the surface to be very similar to the day 6 prompt; an album that changed the way you thought about music…

But for me, the difference here is emotional. Sitting in my parent’s basement, probably feeling teenage angstful and alone. Thinking this would probably be 1987 perhaps. High school felt like a bust, and I wanted out. Didn’t know where, or when, but knew it was coming. So I’d listen to music, write teenage poetry, and be all gothy in my torn black sweater, torn black jeans, black doc martens … and watch the rain fall, like my soul, into the darkness outside. Then I put on an album by a band I was familiar with, but not really a huge fan of.

It was called Darklands, and as I sat there, all dressed in black, heartbroken and filled with weather, I felt like I was hearing music for the first time. This was it, this was everything. This was what I thought, how I felt, what I wanted.

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I know everyone goes crazy with the Psychocandy and all of that, I didn’t really get it. It was cool and noisy, but when I heard “Happy When It Rains” I got it. And then “Nine Million Rainy Days”, “Cherry Came Too”, “On The Wall” … Oh man, oh baby, take me down take me now … It was dark and poetic and with an edge of sexy and an edge of danger and a little twist of that noise that cut through the melodics. That’s where I wanted to  live.

“I have ached for you
I have nothing left to give
For you to take
I have no more empty heart
Or limbs to break” -JAMC