30 days : day 19

love and rockets lift

Day Nineteen. An album you hate by an artist you love.

Okay, kind of another hard one, like the guilty-pleasures. I mean, If it’s an artist I like, and there’s an album I don’t like as much – well, that happens with pretty much every band. There are albums I’m not fond of in pretty much every discography by the artists I love. But if I love a band, the wrong is part of the right, you know? It is the imperfections that make up the perfect. Without growth and experimentation and mistakes, there is no art. There is no music.

SO there are albums I love by bands I really don’t like … but are there albums I hate by bands I love?

This question doesn’t count for bands with one album, and I’m not going to count two albums. More than three is fair. So, U2? Well, I don’t “love” them. The Gun Club? I love them, but I don’t hate any of the albums. I think Bauhaus might be one of those rare bands that hasn’t got a single bad album in their catalog… but that brings me to Love and Rockets.

There we are.

Starting in 1985 with Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven and ending with a seventh album in 1998, Lift. First three albums, for me, solid gold. Fourth album, self-titled in 1989, pretty damn good. Last three is where we get in to trouble.  Hot Trip to Heaven, ok. Don’t really listen to it, but don’t hate it. Sweet F.A., coming out in ’96, was ok as well. I was getting into the Modest Mouse indie rock scene while working in a Seattle Record store, so while it was a little closer to the Love and Rockets in my heart, it wasn’t quite there.  And then 2 years later the band calls it quits with Lift.

What a disappointing album to end on. I wanted to like it, but I couldn’t. I can’t. The electronica, the club groove, the strange addition of members of Luscious Jackson (who I like, but not mixed with my rockets). I should possibly revisit this album, but not yet. This lift has taken me down too many times, and while hate is a strong word, it is definitely the album I like the very least by a band I do love.

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