Keys To The Sun

In a city built on legends, the truth is hard to find

While on vacation in New Orleans, three teenagers find more than they bargained for when they discover secret treasures in an old mansion. Lucas and Parker Chance, with their new friend Nicole Wells, find an old map and strange clues that promise to lead them to a long lost pirate’s treasure. With the help of their enigmatic Aunt Ruby they begin to search through the French Quarter, but find themselves caught between the forces of good and evil as the treasure turns out to be the location of the legendary House of the Rising Sun.

The secrets held within this hidden house must be kept safe in order to preserve the balance between darkness and light, but sinister forces are on the hunt as well. Lucas, Parker, and Nicole must complete their adventure while avoiding the clutches of a malevolent group known as the Malum.

Aunt Ruby, who has been involved in this struggle for far longer than anyone realizes, tries to help the children as they race to complete their quest.

There are mysteries to be solved, keys to be found, cemeteries to search, beignets to be eaten, and they can’t let their parents know what they’ve been up to.