30 days : day 16

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Day Sixteen. The newest album you own.

I always think too much about these… like is there a difference between the newest soundtrack / reissue / album / download / vinyl / cassette / etc.?

Probably not, but I have a tendency to always sort my music, even into subconscious lists.  So I’m gonna cheat a little on this one and give you a quick random sampling of my current new.

Newest cassette? Thanks to a couple of Nashville punks, it’s DIM by ENGINEIX. So, I am very happy with this blast of screwed up in your face teen thrash grunge rawk noise. It’s not really my style anymore, but it reminds me of the music (music?) I used to make when I was being inspired by Flipper and My Dog Popper but taken to a new NOW noise. It’s so cool that bands are still forming and growing and living and thrashing and crashing and creating this life.

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Newest reissue? This was the Third Man Records offering of Tremble Under Boom Lights – by Jonathan Fire*Eater, released in 1996. This band, this album, hit me so hard when it first came out. It was just an EP, but it was a solid taste of things to come. This reissue also holds a few bonus tracks, which makes it more of an album than an EP, so yeah – this one is worth relistening to. Often.

(( https://thirdmanstore.com/jonathan-fire-eater-book-vinyl-bundle ))

Newest Soundtrack? I have kind of stepped back on these, but I had to grab the fairly recent offering from Mondo of JoJo Rabbit. I loved this film. It made me feel good, happy, inspired, and positive. I need those feelings! This soundtrack holds selections from the actual score, by Michael Giacchino, but also some David Bowie, Tom Waits, and Ella Fitzgerald. If you’ve seen the film, you know what I mean. If not, you should.

But, actual new newest Album, as in new music – that would have to be the Greg Dulli solo album, Random Desire. Officially his first solo album, and a damn fine one at that. I’ve enjoyed this man’s work in the Afghan Whigs, The Twilight Singers, the Gutter Twins, and everything else he’s contributed his style and voice to. This album breathes. Dark soul punk voodoo rock. This atmosphere breathes. It’s a ride, and every song has a different voice, and all the voices come together to create this world of Random Desires.


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